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Direct phone numbers for cars

– You can also call the cars directly:
MB Sprinter +358 40 718 7230
MB Vito +358 45 156 1474
MB Vito +358 45 315 0301

Driving orders and inquiries: ilkka@vipone.fi or + 358 40 511 1066


Taxis in Levi!

From Vip One, you can book taxi transport with Mercedes Benz Sprinter and Vito buses

Our cars have 1+8 and 1+7 seats.
We are happy to pick you up from airports, train stations, restaurants, activities, igloos or wherever you want… So please contact us.
If necessary, we also have car seats and booster seats for the youngest in the family, but please let us know in advance if you need them.
Our buses are recognizable by the fact that we don’t put any advertisements on our cars, we want to act stylishly. Our white Vito buses are also great as “escort cars” for our white limousine, e.g. for weddings when the bride and groom travel by limousine. If necessary, relatives can be transported in white taxis behind (in such cases we can also remove the taxi sign from the roof). Or if you need a spacious premium bus with large luggage compartments, reclining rest seats, a table, etc.. then you should definitely choose the Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

You can also call the cars directly:

MB Sprinter 040-7187230
MB Vito 045-1561474
MB Vito 045-3150301

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Bus concep

“Premium bus 1+8 seats”

  • Reclining leather seats with armrests
  • Table
  • Video
  • Safety rails make it easier to get in and out of the car.
  • Efficient 2 x air conditioning in the cabin
  • A large luggage compartment that can hold a lot of bags
  • Stylish adjustable led lighting in the cabin
  • Very high-quality and efficient sound reproduction
taxis in Levi!

Mercedes Benz Vito buses

  • 1+8 and 1+7 people, the buses are “advertisement-free” and stylish for comfortable movement together.
  • Both have plenty of room in the back for up to 8 large suitcases.
  • The seats in the cabin are facing each other, so it’s easy to socialize with others during the trip.
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taxis in Levi!


If I cannot pick up your call, I am most likely driving. In that case, please leave a message or send an email or send a message using the form.

Call: +358 40 5111 066

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