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airport to Levi

Limousine at Levi

Kittilä Airport – Levi

The limousine had limited capacity for luggage space. Tavaratilaan sopii 2-3 suurta matkalaukkua. Luggage space can take approximately 2-3 large pieces of luggage.


1h / 285€

incl. 1-8 pers

Hour pricing

    30 min 200€

1h 285€

2h 550€

3h 815€

4h 1050€

(incl. vat 10%)

Send a request for longer excursions.

Limousine service

Vip One Oy

at your service

vipone helikopteri

We will pick our clients up from their accommodation and drive our limousine to the landing pad. Once we are comfortably seated in the helicopter we will rise into the skies up to 3000-4000 meters to wonder at the scenery of Levi from all around the fell.  From the helicopter we will see Ylläs, Olos, Pallas and many other fells. 

This trip is a must, and a true “once in a lifetime experience!”

Duration: 45min-1h, includes 15min flight with the helicopter

Price 199€ per person

The helicopter can accommodate 4 persons , minimum 3 persons or 597€

or 2-groups ( total 6-8 persons) with one group waiting in the limousine when one group flies.

Start/ pick-up time:  17.00 or what has been


199€/ person

minimum 3 persons

Limousine at Levi

An incredible adventure to the Lapland Hotels snow village. Going there by helicopter and coming back by limousine. 

You will be picked up from your accommodation by limousine and be taken to the landing zone of the helicopter. From there you will fly comfortably to the Lapland hotels snow village by helicopter. Along the way you will see the magnificent scenery of Levi and Ylläs. You will have 1,5h in the snow village to explore the hundreds of snow and ice sculptures and visit the snow hotel. This is a must see! Return journey will be done by limousine with style.

Whole duration 3h, includes helicopter flight 15min and your own time at the snow village of 1,5h.

Price: 259€ per person minimum 3 person ( min 777€), max 4 persons in the helicopter, but the group of 6-8 persons can be divided in 2 for the flights since 8 fit in the limousine. 

Price does not include the entry fee to the snow village, this can be purchased at the door


259 €/ person

min. 3 persons

Limousine at Levi

We tour around Levi centre and stop by any restaurants and bars that our clients wish to visit /many offer us direct entry past any queues. Clients can bring their own alcohol into the limousine and we have complimentary champagne and cognac glasses ready for your use. Our party tour ends at a location / restaurant chosen by our clients. Own music can be played in the car during the tour.


1h / 285€

2h / 550€

incl. 1-8 pers
no service


Limousine at Levi

We depart at 21.00 in the evening and head out to search for the northern lights, heading to the top of Levi fell to getagood idea of the situation in the sky. During our spotting tour you can stay warm and cozy inside our limousine on the ostrich-leather couch and watch the dance of aurora borealis in the sky.


49€/ person

minimum 4 persons

Limousine at Levi

We will tour around whole of Levi fell, seeing theWorld Cup slopes, South Slopes, North-Eastern slopes, will climb up and conquer Utsuvaara while gazing at the wonderful scenery.


1h / 285€

sis. 1-8 hlö

Limousine at Levi

We will pick you up from your accommodation(Levi area) and after a tour of the centre will drop you off to a restaurant of your choice. With us you will always be dropped off right at the door, and most restaurants will let our clients skip queues to get in directly. You will most certainly be noticed upon arrival, and it is pretty neat to just walk straight in even at the Hullu Poro Arena, restaurant Narran, Restaurant Vinkkari…

With style!

For those who want to be noticed.

Duration 2h

Departure: at 6 pm – 11 pm.


285€/ 1h

maximum 8 persons

Limousine at Levi

Elves Village offers activities for the whole family and a wonderful village of elves for you to explore. Transfers from your accommodation to the Elves Village and return after 1,5h. Transfer costs do not include entry fees to the Elves Village, tickets can be purchased either online or at location: www.elvesvillage.fi

This is a firm favourite with our younger clients and children!

Price doesn’t incl. Transfer costs do not include entry fees to the Elves Village, tickets can be purchased either online or at location.


49€/ adult

39€/ child

under 12 yrs.

minimum 4 persons

Limousine at Levi

Getting to know the magnificent Lapland Hotels snowvillage by limousine. Thousands of snow and ice sculptures in an amazing setting. Set within thousands of square metres, the snow village hosts an ice hotel, an ice bar and much more.. This is a must-see! Duration 3h. Price does not include entry tickets, these can be bought from the door upon arrival.


89€/ adult

85€/ child

under 12 yrs.

minimum 4 persons

Limousine transport from Levi to Jerisjärvi in ​​Muonio and back. Really great place to experience!

 Waiting time in the sauna 1.5h.

Max 8 people in a limousine.

Ticket to Arctic sauna World is not included in the price (25 € / person)

Total duration approx. 2.5h


79€/ person

min. 4 departures

Our limousine is a Chrysler 300c, 3,6Ltr petrol engine (newest limousine in the whole of Finland)

(newest limousine in the whole of Finland)

The limousine fits 8 persons and comes with 14 different lighting options for the inside.

Equipped with a Bluetooth stereo (clients can play their own music), champagne and cognac glasses, “northern lights” floor, air conditioning, leather interior etc.


You are welcomed for an unforgettable experience on a limousine. If I cannot pick up your call, I am most likely driving. In this case please leave a message or email me.

Call: +358 40 5111 066